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June 1-3  2022

The president of our National Federation will vote on behalf of all of us a change in the Estatutes.

GWI Board  believes that in order for its members to make a measurable impact, GWI Headquarters and NFAs would have to come together to work with UN agencies and national programs to build capacity where needed to expand the implementation of SDG 4. And, the GWI Board believes that global funders would fund this capacity-building work.

Organizational Development Goals:

 1) To make a measurable difference in the implementation of SDG 4 in our NFA countries by bringing together GWI Headquarters and NFAs to work with UN agencies, national focal points and global decision – makers

2) To work with global funders to develop funding for GWI and its participating NFAs to carry out implementation activities

Committee members in their respective countries, has shown that there are six categories of needs:

  1. Building Awareness about the SDGs
  2.  Outreach to communities and vulnerable populations
  3.  Conducting Community Dialogues
  4.  Providing Training and Support based on templates that already exist
  5.  Policy Review and Development
  6.  Data Collection.

 NFAs will be more willing to recruit suitable candidates when they understand that it’s a matter of representation from their region. · Technology plays an important role in attracting qualified internal and external candidates to GWI. Elected Board should be trained in the use of multiple technologies that GWI uses.

This are the proposals:

1 The size of the Board will be increased by two (2) additional Board members resulting in a total of nine (9) members. The proposed additional Board positions are of Vice President, Education and Vice President, Projects.

2 Constitute two Comittees: Projects Development Committee and Governance Committee

3 Treasurer will only be a non-voting member on the Finance Committee (FinCom)

In our case, we consider as very important this new task  of Vice President, Projects that  will do the following:

Within all NFAs, there is a profound need for member recruitment and retention. Discussions with NFA representatives have revealed that recruitment efforts are more productive, and members are more likely to continue their membership if they are involved in projects that serve women and girls or advance rights for women and girls. Projects are favored because they provide opportunities for members to utilize their educational backgrounds, skills, and competencies, provide tangible benefits to women and girls who are served and help promote NFAs and their members within their communities/countries.

The proposed position of Vice President, Projects will do the following:

 • Develop a new dimension to GWI Board’s work with the introduction of projects (in addition to Bina Roy projects).

 • Attract and retain members whose preference is for participating in projects.

 • Expand GWI’s grassroots outreach to and interaction with vulnerable populations of women and girls and provide urgently needed tangible benefits to these populations.

• Create an additional core competency (in addition to Advocacy) that can attract important external stakeholders to GWI and its NFAs.

• Support and advance the GWI Board’s post-pandemic goal to expand the implementation of inclusive, quality, and equal education (SDG 4) in its NFA countries.


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