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Hello! I am Clara Kozak, one of the AMUM scholarship recipients of the 2017-2018 class.

Thanks to the fact that I received a scholarship, I was able to start my studies in Fine Arts at the University of Malaga. I had always shown an interest in plastic and visual arts, and, in fact, from a very young age I have enjoyed drawing and doing exercises that involve creativity. The race provided me with tools to enhance the small skills with which I defended myself, and also provided me with new worlds that, therefore, implied new interests. I discovered my passion for contemporary art, for cinema and audiovisual arts in general. But most important of all, and probably the most important conclusion I reached with my degree, is that art is not necessarily an object or an image, but can simply be a way of doing things. A way of seeing. A way to identify problems and solve them. A personal enjoyment or a trigger to change things.

I had the opportunity to do an Erasmus stay during the 2019-2020 academic year at Coventry University, in England. Until then, I had always fantasized about living in the UK. I was very lucky; the experience of studying abroad was very rewarding. My course was interrupted by the pandemic, but that did not stop me from finishing perfecting the language, from enjoying a different university life from the one I had and from meeting people from different parts of the world with whom I am still lucky to be in contact.

In 2021 I finished the race. In an attempt to experiment with new media and briefly move away from artistic creation, I decided to move to Madrid to begin that same year a master’s degree in Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture organized by the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Complutense University in collaboration with the Reina Sofía Museum. . It is a master’s degree that is taught at the museum and in which I studied the itinerary of art criticism. This made it possible for me to co-curate an exhibition within one of the museum spaces and, in addition, edit a magazine together with several colleagues from scratch, from the creation of an editorial concept to the formalization of an article, going through the design of the same or the creation of visual content. Therefore, I extended my academic life for another year from the area of art history, which was revealed to me to be more different than what I thought from artistic practice, but in which I dedicated time to writing, to current art criticism. , to think and carry out curatorial projects and, above all, to work as a team.

I finished my master’s degree in September 2022 and since then I have continued to live in Madrid and work in the art and culture sector. In October I started working in cultural mediation serving visitors and doing guided tours in CentroCentro. Currently I combine that dedication with another job as an assistant in a contemporary art gallery in the Barrio de Las Letras, where I mainly develop graphic design tasks, but also office automation and customer service.

I have never believed in very long-term plans. I don’t have a perspective of my life X years from now. I know that next year I probably won’t be doing the same thing I’m doing now. Maybe I even live in another city. But at least I sense that I will continue in some field related to art and that makes me proud. By carrying out this self-analysis exercise on what I have been doing up to now, I have realized the numerous opportunities I have had to dedicate my time to what I like. I will strive to keep it that way.

I want to end by saying thank you. First of all, thanks to AMUM, for having trusted me when I still didn’t even imagine what the future had in store for me. And secondly, to my parents. I have always felt supported by them and I know that it has been essential for my growth, both personally and professionally.



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