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Dear friends,

Hope all is well with you and your members.

We would like to share with you that University Women of Europe has been invited to be a partner of Gender Scan, a study focused on gender balance in STEM fields- launched by Global Contact, a research and consulting company based in Paris.
Gender balance in tech is a key success factor for inventing Post-Covid recovery. Women from 5 continents have initiated some of todays’ key innovations, one of them the ARN technology now used in COVID-19 vaccines. Here you can read the press release published on our website: www.universitywomenofeurope.org/2021/04/15/online-survey-gender-scan-2021/

It is now more urgent than ever to leverage the competences and skills of half of the world population which are needed to address the increasingly difficult challenges we face collectively. Now we invite all of you to make the difference by simply taking a few minutes to complete the survey here at this link: Gender Scan Online 2021 Survey !

First Steps when you fill it: Select Complete the Survey/Select your category/Select your preferred language/Select country/Select city/ Select name of the University Women of Europe from the list menu – the partner of Gender Scan

Constructed and developed with experts, researchers, and associations from all countries, this survey provides teenagers, students, entrepreneurs, independents and employees with a chance to get heard.

The 2021 Survey Goals:
• The evaluation of gender equality policies
• Women and entrepreneurship
• The perception of STEM disciplines among students
• Women in Research
• The impact of remote working on work-life balance

Thank you all in advance for taking your time to fill this survey, please feel free to share this survey with all your members. We count on your help to receive as many as answers as possible.

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