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Mujeres Universitarias

AMUM is a not-for-profit organisation set up in Marbella in 2009. Our objectives are:
– to encourage connections among graduate women worldwide, regardless of their ethnic background, nationality, religion or political affiliation
– to promote international cooperation and access to education for women
– to increase representation of women graduates in international organisations
– to stimulate women’s development, networking and increased presence in national and international forums

Today AMUM has over 120 members from across different backgrounds and nationalities. We are part of the Spanish Federation of University Women (SFUW), University Women of Europe and Graduate Women International, GWI.

At AMUM we believe that education is the passport to the future – tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. We know that lack of education is the biggest barrier that hinders women’s access to a professional career.

Since we started in 2009 we have been members of the SFUW, which has a prestigious, long-established international reputation. The SFUW was one of the first associations to join GWI (Graduate Women International) when the latter was created in 1919 thanks to the proactivity and commitment of Clara Campoamor and Maria de Maeztu (president in the early years).
Since 1946, GWI has had a voice although not the right to vote in the United Nations and is present in UNESCO as a counselor in education.
After a break during the Spanish Civil War, in 1953 some noteworthy women such as Isabel García Lorca, Pilar Lago, Jimena Menéndez Pidal or Soledad Ortega re-established SFUW, although the association shut down again in 1990.
It was not until 2002 that Ma Eli Zorriqueta, a Spanish University professor who had studied in the USA and had got in touch with the U.S. chapter, restored the SFGW in Bilbao , Spain.
And in 2009 AMUM (the Marbella chapter) was admitted.


AMUM aims to achieve a fair and equal society, where women play a full and equal role in all aspects of life, being an active part of all public, economic, professional and artistic spheres.


Our focus is on education, and our mission is to help women, especially those from socially or economically disadvantaged backgrounds, to access education.


To achieve our goals we are pursuing three main action lines for women in Marbella and the neighbouring areas.

1 University grants for women

2 Supporting permanent education for women

3 Networking events to encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas that will improve gender equality. .

All our activities are inspired by our values of diversity, respect, equality, moral support and integrity.

Culture Award of the Marbella Town Hall 2015

Equality Award from the Diputación de Málaga (Malaga Provincial Council) 2016

Equality Award from the Marbella Town Hall (2016)

ORONA Award for “best educational plan” (2016)

“Most committed Institution representing Women” solidarity Award from Women’s Equality in Dialogue and Education (2020)



Ana Eugenia Venegas Moreno

Vice President

Graciela Waen


Eloísa Sánchez Amillategui