To mark International Day of Education, celebrated annually on 24 January, GWI

held an open member’s Discussions Network dialogue within its global

community of graduate women during 22 December 2023 to 19 January 2024.

The initiative fostered exchange of ideas and insights among GWI members

about green education, an approach to education that focuses on teaching and

learning practices that aim to develop environmental awareness, sustainability

standards, and ecological literacy.

Below, you will find a compilation of the valuable contributions posted by GWI

Board of Officers, members, and interns. The collective wisdom and passionate

youth visions underscore the importance of education in empowering women

worldwide while aiming for sustainable societies and education.

The discussion aimed to provide more information about about the integration of

sustainable practices, teachings, or any related initiatives within educational

systems in GWI national federation and association countries and cultures.

Given how crucial this is for the future, the question was posed:

  • What further proactive, action-based solutions do you envision in tackling

interconnected global challenges including climate change in education?

Considering the disproportionate negative impact of the climate crisis on women,

especially in the context of agriculture as the primary employment sector for women

in low and middle-income countries, they already face increased vulnerabilities and


  • How can educational programs actively ensure that green education efforts.

contribute to supporting and empowering women rather than placing additional

burdens on them?

  • Are these adverse effects already observable in your country? Alternatively, is

there evidence of positive effects?