Law student

This month, we share with you the first year of university in Naima with transfer to the capital. Her mentor has been our vice president Anabel Alonso
My experience in the first year of University would define it as a roller coaster of emotions due to the big change from living in a small city to appearing out of nowhere in the capital of Spain.
I felt identified with a character from a youth Netflix series, I make the simile with the protagonist of Never Have I Ever since although it may seem silly, we are both from South Asia and she shares that fierce passion for studies and not only that, but the perfectionism and ambition to continue and want more. Her dream was to enter the Ivy League University and mine was to enter the Carlos III University, not only because of its study program, but because there they train the best lawyers, lawyers, prosecutors and judges in the country.
I think it was a shock of reality, I didn’t handle independence well the first few months, it was a constant void that something was missing and it was my parents and friends that I left behind in Marbella, in addition to the beach, which is not missing.
It was somewhat chaotic having to manage time with studies and other new adult responsibilities, in addition to living with two complete strangers who knew nothing about me. However, it was a challenge that I managed to overcome since I learned a lot and I am grateful for having made that decision because the confidence I have in myself is greater than what I had last year.
I was lucky to have met wonderful people in the race, perhaps not many because sometimes competitiveness blinds the kindness and humility of human beings, but even so, I made some incredible friendships that built the foundation of what will be a new home.
Obviously the major I opted for made me fall more in love with this University. Law is a demanding career, like all, it requires a lot of discipline and patience, but about vocation and love for it. I have had some splendid teachers, I have learned like never before and this time, it is for tomorrow.
Maybe I won’t have gotten as many A’s as I did in Baccalaureate, but I tried like never before for almost everything with a grade between 7-8 and the occasional 9 that fell. It is another level of education, I think we all know that the first year of adoption is the hardest but the fact that I achieved it makes me feel proud.
Many thanks also to Anabel Alonso, she was one of the few people who was attentive to how she was doing, she is an example for me to follow that the hard effort is worth it to achieve what one sets out to achieve.