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If you are a woman and want to be part of a vibrant international organisation with a major social and cultural programme send us an email to  and we will contact you.

Our members can be: members, associates, grant holders, members of our sister organisations FEMU, GWI or UWE; and honorary members.


We need your help to be able to give away more awards in these difficult times.

You can donate individually, through a company, by way of a foundation or perhaps by crowdfunding with a group of friends.


For those contributing the full amount of a grant (€2,000) or more, we offer personalising a grant with their names. Contributors can also hand over the grant personally to the grant recipient.

You will have access to the meetings and grant award events.

Inheritance and legacy

If you wish you can make a special contribution.

We accept special donations on behalf of loved ones who passed away or as part of their inheritance if they chose to leave their money to charity.

Member of honour

Major donors may become a Member of Honour.

Public body

As a registered organisation, any donations to us benefit from tax relief:

A tax deduction of up to 40% of the companies’ tax

A deduction of up to 80% from income tax for the first €150 and up 35% for any amounts after that.

For any further information contact us at

If you are making a direct payment, please make sure you state your full name.


Asociación de Mujeres Universitarias de Marbella

Association of Women Graduates in Marbella