If you are a woman and want to be part of a thriving international organization with important cultural programming in the area and that meets social purposes, send us an email to and we will contact you.

Our members can be: members, collaborators, scholarship holders, members of other FEMU, GWI or UWE associations and honorary members.


We need your support to be able to award more scholarships in these difficult times.

You can donate personally, corporately, through the Foundation or in the form of crowdfunding, perhaps with a group of friends.


If you contribute from €2000/year, amount of a scholarship:

  • You can personalize it with the name you want.
  • Make the delivery personally to the intern.
  • You will have access to meetings and scholarship delivery events.

Inheritances and legacies

If you wish, you can make a special contribution.

Honorary Members

Depending on the amount donated, you will be named Honorary Members.

Public utility entity

As we are a Public Utility entity, you can always enjoy the following deductions in accordance with the law:

  • Up to 40% in Corporate Tax.
  • The first 150 euros donated have a deduction of 80% in the full personal income tax fee.
  • Anything that exceeds 150 euros has a 35% deduction in the fee.

You can contact us by email