12 years ago, we began this wonderful journey of helping young girls to fulfil their academic ambitions. We believe it was a great success and we continue to promote it every year with great enthusiasm.


My name is Noelia Espartero Ruiz and I can proudly say that I am the beneficiary of the first promotion of the AMUM scholarship in 2012.


At that time, I was already determined to start my university path studying the Double Degree in Law and Business Management and Administration at the University of Malaga, but, without a doubt, this scholarship and the support of AMUM women was a milestone that marked the beginning of a challenging but very rewarding stage in my life. They were intense years, full of learning and personal growth.


During my time at university, the women of the association not only guided me in academic matters, but were also there at personal moments when I needed their help and found it.


After completing my double degree, I chose to challenge myself even more and plunged into the arduous journey of the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate exams. A choice that required dedication, effort, and a strong determination to pursue my goals. Today, I continue my competitive examination journey while holding down a full-time job related to the administration of a company at a local level. Balancing these two worlds is no easy task, but the passion to achieve my dreams drives me forward.


AMUM is not just about scholarships; it is a network of empowered women supporting each other. The AMUM scholarship not only provided me with financial resources, but also connected me to an inspiring community. The example of each of my fellow students has taught me that perseverance, discipline and community support are key to overcoming any obstacle.